Let Your Clients Define Their Needs with Customizable Quantity on Invoice Crowd

Tailored Estimates Through Quantity Customization Understanding the fluctuating requirements of modern businesses, Invoice Crowd offers “Customizable Quantity,” enabling clients to specify the exact quantity they need for each item in their estimate.

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Putting Precision in the Hands of Your Client Our “Customizable Quantity” feature extends the power of choice further, allowing clients to fine-tune their requirements and ensuring you only deliver what’s precisely needed.

Adjust with Precision

Clients can adjust quantities up or down with ease, ensuring that their estimate perfectly matches their requirements.

Efficient Sign-Off Process

Post adjustment, clients can conveniently sign off on the customized estimate, sealing the deal without any hitches.

The Benefits of Customizable Quantity

Did You Know?

Optimize Your Estimation Process with Customizable Quantity Elevate your estimating process. With Invoice Crowd’s “Customizable Quantity” feature, ensure client satisfaction, precise requirements, and smooth transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of quantity adjustment is determined by the settings you define. Clients can adjust within those parameters.
Yes, once a client adjusts the quantity and signs the estimate, you’ll receive a detailed update reflecting the changes.
Absolutely. Clients can select or deselect items and then adjust the quantities for the chosen items seamlessly.
Yes, the quantity adjustments made by the client are automatically reflected when you convert the estimate to an invoice.