How to start your own business or improve the existing one

It is not easy to start your own business or improve the existing one. To sit on two chairs is very difficult, tiring and hard.

It is even more difficult to do a job we do not like, and in a bad working environment. All of this completely exhausts us and then when we come home late at night literally drained, we should be passionate, eager and enthusiastic about our work. Even if we have small children and a partner and would like to have friends, this seems almost impossible.

That’s why such twists and turns usually occur when an illness or something else stops or slows us down.

Can I be a good entrepreneur if I was a good worker?


I often point this out as a transition to the other side. There is a completely different set of rules and thinking. There is no steady income, no security as we are used to. Nothing realistically can be planned with certainty.

If we do not know how to deal with risk and live in complete uncertainty, entrepreneurship is not for us. If we were a good worker, that doesn’t mean we will be a good entrepreneur.

Only three to five percent of people are for entrepreneurs, and ninety percent of entrepreneurs fail – those are the facts.

Surveys show that sixty-six percent of millennials want to start something of their own, but only 3.6 percent do. The reasons are lack of self-confidence, resources and most importantly motivation.

The entrepreneurial and worker mindset is truly heaven and earth. But all successful entrepreneurs used to be great workers and then worked for their employers as if it were their company. So even then, they did not act as workers but as co-owners from the attitude to the amount of working time.

10 Tips on how to start your own business


1. Ask yourself how much you want to be your own boss
What really drives you / motivates you? Do you have an idea that is haunting you and you just have to implement it because otherwise you will not have peace of mind and will not be able to sleep? Do you lack money or do you believe that you can run a company better than your boss?

2. What is more important to you: freedom or security?
The most common reasons why people quit are bad interpersonal relationships at work, a bad boss, their ideas are not respected, they cannot fully develop their creative potential at work and they do not get ahead.

If you have such a job and such a boss where you can do anything, you should think again.

3. list all skills, knowledge and talents
Okay, you are still moving, great. List what you know, what skills, abilities and talents you have. Start your own business 02 - Invoice Crowd

4. write a business plan
When you think about your idea, you should write a business plan.

Paper carries everything, but be aware that it is much more important to be clear about the business model – who exactly is paying us (who is our ideal customer, what are they actually buying from us) and the purpose of the business, and that is always problem solving and value creation.

5. define what makes you unique in the market: what is your comparative advantage?

6. Set up a system of work, in writing

Define your vision, mission, principles of work, values, way of working, how you will sell, what you will communicate to customers so that they understand what is there for them and more.

7. Create a website

Make a website and everything you can before business heats up.

8. Delegate

Outsource and delegate everything you can.

9. Jump into business at the right time

Be ready to jump at the right moment to the other side of your boss.

It also means having savings for, say, three months of living expenses covered.

10. Stay on good terms with the employer

Remember, maybe he can be your first client.

Additional tips – you can sale


If I got a dollar for every sentence I heard, I would be a very rich woman/man today, because I cannot be bought. I have bad news for you – if these sentences sound like yours and if you are running away from selling, you are actually running away from money and higher income. Remember.

But I also have good news for you – when I decided to become a good salesman, my whole life changed at the speed of light, and maybe yours did too.

After this experience, it became my passion to sell to people and help them fall in love with themselves and thus change their lives for the better.

5 reasons why you should fall in love with sales as soon as possible:


1. You need sales skills even if you are not in sales.
Many people think they do not need sales skills if they do not work directly in sales. That’s wrong. You need sales even in your everyday life, because sales are a communication skill, a way to find out what the other party needs and to find a solution that suits both you and the other party.

Now that you know that, are you in sales more often than you thought? Yes, of course.

If you do not have the communication skills to present to your boss that your raise is a good thing for them, how are you going to get a higher salary? How are you going to get a lower loan rate from a bank if you do not have communication/sales skills?

If you need to make your child see things with his own eyes and do something (not), can you achieve that if you just forbid/command him to do something instead of making him understand and make a decision from that win-win situation (which is also good for you)? If you have to sell your wife on the idea of (not) going somewhere this weekend, tell me, is that a sale?

Of course everything around us is a sale and I think you have now realized that you are in a sale without realizing it.

2. All successful are good at selling

When I realized that, everything changed for me.

Imagine Elon Musk or Richard Branson not being able to sell someone their idea. That they stutter, that they don’t know how to present an idea, that they aren’t confident in a conversation, that they don’t know how to ask questions to a person on the other side and find out what they want and the like.

We can hardly imagine that, can we? There is no successful person who is not good at selling. Remember that. None. Start your own business 01 - Invoice Crowd

You want more success – become better at selling.

Successful people have an attitude, they know what they want, they are not afraid to ask questions, they are not afraid to build relationships, they do things that establish the trust of the other party, they know how to make them and the other party happy. You want more money in life, whether you work for yourself or for others, decide to master sales skills and become great at it.

It is a skill that will bring you more money into life the fastest.

3. sell money right away
Money cannot come to you unless you have sold something to someone, exchanged something for money, be it a product or a service.

Many women/men entrepreneurs have heard from me that I create it for you (and with a lot of incredible energy and vision they describe what they do), but I am not for sale – I have only two words – it must be you!

If your company does not have a sales team, here is the good news for you – you are your sales team until you build a sales team. Someone has to sell the product/service you offer because if no one does, your business will fail.

Also, people often come to me for extra income saying I do not have to sell anything – and then my question usually comes: “And where will the money come from if you do not want to sell anything to anyone?”. If you do not want to sell, you can hardly have more money in life.

4. selling is not persuading people to buy something they do not need.
I think that’s the main reason people run away from selling, because they think they have to do something like that. That’s not selling, that’s dilettantism.

To be successful, you have to sell what you sell to others yourself first (yes, you have to use what you sell yourself). You have to believe in it a million percent, because selling is the transfer of your emotions to a potential buyer.

Where is the money you want? In other people’s wallets.

How does the money get to you? By making an exchange with them – you give them a product/service, thus solving their problem, and they give you their money in return.

In order to be able to solve other people’s problems, you first need to find out if they have a problem, what their problem is, and if you are the right person to help them solve their problem.

Selling has nothing to do with persuasion. Successful selling means asking questions and listening, because only then can you find out what is bothering the person and offer them a solution (that they are looking for) that they will gladly give you money for.

The money you make is proportional to the size of the problem you solve for people. If you solve small problems for people (for example, selling bread in a bakery), you earn little (because anyone can buy bread anywhere, you do not have to). If you solve big problems for people (e.g. selling real estate, luxury villas or expensive appliances), you earn a lot, because you have solved someone’s big problem that they cannot solve right now.

Learn to solve bigger problems for people and you will earn more!

5. selling means serving people, givingStart your own business 05 - Invoice Crowd
Helping, finding the best solution, taking care of the customer, building relationships, making the customer feel that they are important to us, that they are more important to us than the sale itself – if the customer is more important to us than the sale, we will be successful in sales.

That’s why I believe women are in a better position to succeed in sales because they naturally care more than men – although men will easily say they have no problem selling (although in practice they may not be good because they talk more than they listen), and women will back off and conclude they are not for sale.

Selling is something you learn, no one is born a good salesperson, it’s skills you acquire and learn both in theory and in practice. Become the best at solving the problems of others and the rewards will not escape you.

Final Thoughts


I hope these five reasons have convinced you that you need to fall in love with sales. Buy books on sales, learn on YouTube, there is endless and free content these days.

There is no excuse not to get better at selling. Take thirty minutes a day to improve your selling skills and watch your life change for the better.

With any sale, it’s important to keep incoming and outgoing accounts, to keep track of everything that’s happening with your finances so you can plan better. We know that planning is half the battle, so always choose reliable partners, choose Invoice Crowd.