5G changing the world

5G changing the world - Invoice Crowd

The high speeds, increased capacity, faster response, and broad applicability of the 5G network will transform the Internet as we know it, spurring the creation of previously unimaginable services and products that will simplify and facilitate our lives and boost the world’s economic dynamism.

5G technologies will transform the way we live, work, learn, move around our cities and have fun. We are at a crossroads. Education, healthcare, agriculture, tourism, transportation, entertainment and entire industries are facing previously unimaginable changes. Cities, societies and economies are entering a new gigabit era, and the world can expect economic momentum and standards growth driven by digitization.

5G technology will change the economic picture of Europe. According to the World Association of Mobile Operators (GSMA), the 5G network will add 2.9 percent or $135 billion to European GDP growth by 2034. 5G technology will create 2.3 million new jobs in the EU by an estimate.

It will be faster than ever, even 5 Gb/s

The 5G network will allow the connection of up to a million devices per square kilometer, and the response time (latency) will be so short that machines will be able to communicate in real time. This will set the stage for the strong development of artificial intelligence and the dynamics of the fourth industrial revolution, which we still call scientific and technological. 5G changing the world 03 - Invoice Crowd

It will not just be our phones that will be smart anymore. Everything we see around us will communicate with each other. Traffic lights, benches, parking meters, fire safety systems, coffee machines, plumbing, our cars – all will be connected to the Internet, making our lives easier and faster, which will also become safer.

Take the example of driving a car. It’s well known that a human’s response time is 200 milliseconds at best, whereas a car connected to a 5G network can respond in just 5 milliseconds. So almost in real time, and since traffic lights will be connected to the 5G network – it will no longer be possible to run on red.

New possibilities

The 5G network will provide us with IoT solutions that will not only keep us safe, but also save our time, resources and – money. Are you the owner of a coffee store that opens at 7 in the morning, and your favorite patrons are eagerly waiting for a coffee in the first minute of working hours? With 5G technology, you can fire up the coffee machine from the comfort of your bed and speed up your workflow.

An advanced 5G communications fabric will lead to revolutionary changes in almost every industry we know. Indeed, greater network reliability, faster response and the ability to connect more devices will make it possible to innovate and achieve the goals of digitalization in all sectors, offering great potential to the entire economy.

5G and health

Healthcare will be transformed by remote services, remote monitoring and consultation, real-time sharing of hospital data, but also by improved doctor-patient communication and hospital automation, which will reduce healthcare costs. The utilities and energy sector, on the other hand, will bring us a combination of smart meters and a smart grid that will enable energy savings, and 5G will also provide better waste management. With new technologies, it will be possible to manage water resources more efficiently, which will reduce water loss.

A whole range of smart sensors and new services are coming into circulation, and in time the use of autonomous vehicles will become possible. Entire industries will be able to optimize their business and better monitor processes with 5G technology, while in agriculture, yields will be maximized and losses reduced through the introduction of high-precision equipment and sensors, digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence.

Smart management of agricultural land with 5G technology will have a positive long-term impact on the soil and the environment, and traffic sensors will reduce CO2 emissions, putting the transport sector at the heart of efforts to combat climate change. The whole planet will benefit from all this.

How can we all take advantage of the opportunities that the 5G network offers to work smarter, manage more efficiently, enjoy more and have more fun?

– Internet speed and network responsiveness matter most to gamers around the world. Sometimes, literally milliseconds make the difference between winning and losing. Thanks to 5G technology, cloud gaming is coming, and it’s literally a revolution. We will play video games without any hassles and breaks wherever we are. Games that are the greatest marvel of modern technology, we will have just a click away.

– With a 5G network, we will no longer be dependent on hardware.

– With 5G technology, we will be able to stream games the way we stream movies or series today.

– 5G enables simultaneous processing of large amounts of data, moving the power of VR and AR technology to the cloud. Thus, 5G has retired download and put real-time streaming on the map. Thus, there is a prediction that within the next two years, about 100 million customers will shop in stores and online using VR and AR.

– 5G technology brings us a virtual shopping experience. The bandwidth of the 5G network will enable much more customer interaction and personalized cont5G changing the world 02 - Invoice Crowdent in real time.

– 5G technology will give us what we could not even imagine. It used to take 80 days to go around the world, with 5G you can do it in 80 seconds.

– In education, technology, and technical applications, new applications and new hardware will enable 5G technology to live up to its potential.

– All forms of streaming will benefit from 5G technology because there will simply no longer be a bottleneck when sending and receiving data.

Final thoughts

The advanced 5G communication structure will lead to revolutionary changes in almost all industries. Increased device efficiency, greater network reliability, faster and cheaper data collection and the ability to connect more devices will enable the development of innovation and the achievement of digitalization goals in all sectors, bringing great potential to the entire economy. However, the sectors that could see the greatest application potential are numerous.

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